My Account

Q. How does EzTiffin work?

A. It’s a simple and easy concept as the name suggests.

-        First, you register on the website and create a username and password.

-        Second, you add funds to your account online via any payment method. This works

          like a calling card, you add money to the calling card and use minutes  till its depleted

          and then you recharge and use more minutes.

-       Third, you go to the order page and you submit the order for the day(s) you want Tiffin

         delivered at your doorstep.

-        Last but most important, you enjoy the great home-style cooked food sitting at your home.


Q. When can I place an order? Also, can I cancel an order once it is submitted?

A.  You can place order to any day in the future for this month and next month. For the same day dinner order, you can place an  order till 2PM. At 2PM the ordering locks for the current day.

Similarly, you can cancel an order  for any day in the future. For the current day you can cancel an order till 2PM. At 2pm   the ordering and cancellation for the current day gets locked.


Q. What is the time of delivery?

A. Tiffin would be delivered between 6 to 8PM on the days you place order. If you order and the

house is locked, we will deliver the Tiffin at the doorstep.


Q. Where do you deliver?

A. We are currently delivering in Waterview Apartments (University Village), the Courts of McCallum Apartments,  McCallum Meadows Apartments and Ashwood Parks Apartments.

We will expand to more areas as we grow


Q. Do you charge for delivery?

A. No, there is no charge for delivery!


Q. What is the Menu?

A. Please visit our menu page


Q. How do I pay?

A. You can pay through a credit card via paypal website. It is safe and secure.


Q. How does points system works?

A. You receive points for every order that you place and we deliver to you. The point work like

credit card points. You can convert 100 points for $1.00


Q. Do you deliver Lunch & Dinner?

A. Currently we offer Dinner only and we plan to deliver the lunch soon.